Frill Canary Club

About Us

The Frill Canary Club, was formed by a group of frill breeders at a meeting during the Old Variety Canary Club show at Eaton College in 1991 , Frill Canary enthusiasts present were:

Simon Tammam, John Banks, Gordon Wooldgidge, Paul Borg, Tony de Fazio, John Richmond, Frank Savage, Bill Austin, Kevin McCallum and Colin Francis. Unfortunately some of the above are no longer with us, and some no longer keep birds, and the only founder members of the club that are still active members, are Simon Tammam and Kevin McCallum.

The FCC is an affliate member of the  International Ornithological Association (COM-UK) and the Canary Council.

 We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and if you require more information or would like to apply for membership of The Frill Canary Club please contact

The Frill Canary Club , c/o Simon Tammam , 396 Ashley Road , Poole BH14 0AA , Phone 07768 285 713.


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