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The North Dutch Frill is a medium size breed, slightly smaller than a Border canary.

These birds have only the mantle, jabot, and side fins.

This means that the frilling is present in a band around the middle of the bird. The feathering of the head, neck, belly, and thighs is, ideally, the same as a regular canary.

The head is neat and The North Dutch Frill maintains a normal posture canary. 

The South Dutch Frill is something else entirely. The frilling is the only similarity between this bird and its northern brother. Again, the head, neck, belly, and thighs are bare.

This breed is a bird of position, owing much to the Belgian canary. Birds of position are canaries that keep their necks bent so that they look hunch-backed. The South Dutch Frill is more slightly built than the North Dutch Frill. So much so that, to the uninitiated, these southern birds appears emaciated. When maintaining a normal stance this type is much taller than the North Dutch Frill but not as tall as the Parisian.

A good South Dutch Frill does not maintain an ordinary stance for long. When Displaying, the legs and body are held perpendicular to the perch. The head and neck are held straight out, parallel to the ground, forming a right angle with the line of the legs and the body. The beak is long and thin and the head is narrow. An overall appearance of "snakiness" is desirable.

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